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Our powerlifting team trains and competes together using conjugate training methodologies to improve our ability to lift maximal weights.


Max effort upper : Sunday @ 10Am

max effort  lower : Tuesday @ 1PM

Dynamic effort upper : Thursday @ 1pm

Dynamic effort lower : Saturday @ 10am 



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Ask about private coaching hours if you are interested in growing stronger for competition or sport. This option is perfect for student athletes trying to build strength and muscle for the next season or for those who are interested in getting started in the sport of powerlifting. If you are interested in getting stronger, but you aren’t comfortable training with a team of more experienced athletes then this is the perfect choice for you! These hours are limited and are appointment only during times that do not compete with our team’s training schedule.


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We also offer limited open gym hours by appointment only for more experienced lifters who are interested in getting away from the big box gym environment. If you are looking for a new permanent training home, or just visiting Houston and looking to drop in for a session, contact us to discuss your training needs!


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