Houston’s Best Equipped Gym

Jötunheimr Strength Systems is proud to be one of the best equipped powerlifting gyms in the Houston area. Contact us today to schedule a time to tour our gym and make Jötunheimr Strength your new training home!


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Equipment  List:

Full Monolift

Edge Fitness Custom Power Rack

Rogue Westside Bench (w/ Fat Pad)

Nebula Unilateral/Dual Leg Press

Edge Fitness Belt Squat

Edge Fitness GHD

Edge Fitness Reverse Hyper

Edge Fitness Competition Spec Adjustable Bench

Edge Fitness Custom Lat Pulldown/Low Row

Hoist Mid Row

Horizontal Hack Squat

Hoist Multi-Press

45 Degree Hyperextension Bench

Adductor/Abductor Machine

Hoist Arm Tower

Specialty Bars:

EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar

EliteFTS American Press Bar

Edge Fitness Giant Camber Bar

Buddy Capp’s Texas Power Bar

Rogue Ohio Power Bar

Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar

Rogue TB-1 Trap Bar

Kabuki Strength Duffalo Bar

Kabuki Strength Next Gen Squat Bar

York Split Sleeve Olympic Bar

Ironmind Appolon’s Axle

Ivanko EZ Curl Bar

Free Weights:

3,400+LBS of York and Ivanko Plates

1,500+LBS of Ivanko and Uesaka Calibrated Powerlifting Plates (IPF approved)

1-150LB York Roundhead Dumbbells


Full Set of EliteFTS Bands


Adjustable Box Squat

Body Tempering Tools

Kabuki Strength Shoulderok

Assorted Cable Attachments

Atlas Stones (from 120-365LBS)

Mike Bartos 20″ Stone of Steel

TPC Circus Dumbbell

Wood Strongman Log

RKC Kettlebells

TRX Suspension Trainer

EliteFTS Prowler