Jötunheimr Strength was made for Athlets by Athletes. our number 1 rule is that every member must compete. We aren’t all powerlifters here, but we are all competitors.


Houston’s Best Powerlifting Gym

At Jötunheimr Strength Systems, we believe that competition must be the driving force behind training. Our team trains and competes together, pushing each other to new heights. We are not a big box gym, and every member is an active competitor. It is our belief that training without purpose leads to stagnation and plateau, and competition gives our athletes their purpose. Here at Jötunheimr we cater to the serious athlete, and you can feel comfortable knowing that every man and woman you train with takes their progress as seriously as you do.



We offer limited personal training hours throughout the week for those who are just getting into powerlifting or who are trying to be bigger, faster, and stronger for other endeavors.

Team Training Sessions

Our powerlifting team trains together 4x a week using a conjugate program (as popularized by Louie Simmons and Westside Barbell). Our primary goal is to increase the maximal capacity of our athletes in the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. 

World Class Equipment

We have a large variety of equipment that includes some of the best that money can buy. We are one of the only gyms in the Houston area who can provide a monolift, belt squat, reverse hyper, calibrated powerlifting discs, and a variety of other specialty bars and machines for our athletes.

Open Gym

We provide open gym hours for experienced lifters by appointment only. If you have been training alone, and are looking for a better atmosphere and better equipment to further your progress, then Jötunheimr Strength is the place for you.


Gym Hours:

By Appointment Only!